Poster Guidelines

The poster templates are formatted in Microsoft PowerPoint. Download one of the posters and edit (i.e., write, cut, paste) to meet your needs. You can changes background, colors and font. These posters are just models and, because disciplines differ in their methodologies, the information presented on these sample posters may not be relevant to your work. In designing your poster, bear in mind that less is more when presenting your findings. Keep away from busy backgrounds that will distract your audience from appreciating your work.

Posters cannot exceed 3′ x 4′. Sample posters provided below are formatted to 3′ x 4′. If you would like a smaller size poster, go to the page setup options and change the height and width.

Financial concerns should not be a reason for you not to participate in the conference. If you need assistance defraying the cost of the poster, speak with your faculty supervisor. Expected costs are listed below. For your convenience, we have listed some printers whom we have been used. Also note, last minute submissions to a printer will increase the cost of the poster substantially.

Direct Printing Connection Contact:

Rob Wiener
631-694-1500 x206

Cost of the 3′ x 4′ poster is approximately $50.00. Printing takes 4-5 days. The poster should be saved in .pdf format before sending to the printer. Before the poster is printed, the printer will email you a proof of the poster. Be sure to look it over carefully and either notify the printer of any corrections or approve the poster for printing.

Cost of the 3′ x 4′ poster is  approximately $40.00 + shipping. Printing takes 3-7 days. Be sure to check prices before you order. Staples changes prices periodically.

To download a sample poster into PowerPoint, click one of the following

poster sample 1| sample poster 2 |


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