2013 Conference

           2013 Program 

symposium with date 20132013 Advisory and Review Committee
Bill Bengston, Ph.D. Human Relations
James Blakeley, Ph.D. History
Kirk Lawrence, Ph.D. Sociology
Andrew Jacobs, Ph.D. Religious Studies
Dawn Lee, M.F.A. Fine Arts
Valerie Nappi-Giordano, Ph.D. Biology
Judith Phagan, Ph.D. English
Teresa Tannazzo, Ph.D. Psychology
Lisa Tafuro, Ph.D. Speech
Dominique Treboux, Ph.D. Psychology
Vasil Skenderi, Ph.D. Mathematics & Computer Sciences

Conference Director, Teresa Tannazo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology

Director of Undergraduate Research, Dominique Treboux, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology

Photographer, Ahkash Persaud, SJC 2015

Videographer, Carl Baurle III, SJC 2014


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