With SJC Faculty


Amy Poland, Ph.D.
Project:  I am currently working on two projects (1)  a mixed-methods analysis of 2 live trial blogs in the Midwest involving defendants who invoked the insanity plea. Some of the areas of analysis include religion & insanity, the public’s reaction to the insanity defense, the use of the blog in a classroom setting, and the responsibility of the mother in one case where the stepdad committed the crime & (2) Legal analysis of education, training, and experience requirements of direct care workers in juvenile justice facilities. I am updating my dissertation to reflect more recent requirements by the states for increased mental health training and/or education.
RA Responsibilities and Duties: Project 1:some library research, data management & analysis. Project 2: library research, data entry & analysis.
Requirements: Hours are negotiable, able to meet weekly to discuss progress
Openings: Fall and Spring
Contact: apoland@sjcny.edu


Judith Phagen, D. A.
ProjectI am interested in studying the concept of “passing.” This was often done during the Harlem Renaissance and is well developed in Nella Larsen’s novel Passing. I am particularly interested in the construction of identity in the modern era, where passing is often practiced by homosexuals and disabled individuals. I know the literature, but I want to find scholarly articles that deal with this issue.  I hope to pursue the writing next summer. I would like to present my  article at the MLA convention in fall 2014.
RA Responsibilities and Duties: Use scholarly databases to research this topic from a literary, psychological, sociological and historical perspective.
Requirements: 3.5 GPA with strong research skills
Openings: Fall and Spring
Contact: jphagan@sjcny.edu


Bogumila Lai, Ph.D.
Models in Optimization. Identify and formulate linear programming models in business and finance, apply the optimality conditions, duality theory and methods to solve them.
RA Responsibilities and Duties: Extensive literature search for relevant material. We shall analyze, interpret solutions provided by the methods using real data.
Requirements: Disciplined, able to work autonomously, function as a team player,
2 to 4 hours per week.
Openings: Fall and Spring
Contact: blai@sjcny.edu

Cheyne Miller, Ph.D.
Interests: Topology, Differential Geometry, Homological Algebra, etc.
Openings:  Continuous
Contact: cmiller5@sjcny.edu

Elana Reiser, Ed.D
Project: Mathematics education research: I am in the process of writing a book tentatively titled “Teaching Mathematics Using Popular Culture.” The idea is to use math featured in movies and television shows as a motivator for high school students.
RA Responsibilities and Duties: Finding and reading scholarly articles in the area of motivation, finding examples of math in movies and TV shows and helping to develop classroom activities based on those examples.
Requirements: 2-3 hours a week, weekly meetings.
Openings: Fall, Spring, or Summer
Contact: ereiser@sjcny.edu


Stephen Rockwell, Ph.D.
I am currently writing a book titled The Good Presidency: Ethics and Achievement in the Taft, Grant, and John Quincy Adams Administrations. The book examines presidents who demonstrated effective policy leadership while remaining committed to clearly stated values of public ethics. Interestingly, all three of my case studies are generally disregarded by presidential historians, who see them as minor presidents– or even failures.
Library and Internet research to gather information related to certain parts of the project.
Requirements: Goal-oriented researcher, interested in American history and government. Flexible meeting schedule.
Opening: Spring 2014
Contact: srockwell@sjcny.edu


Kathy Frost, Ph.D.
Project:  I am interested in using a new theoretical model to understand interpersonal conflict.  In particular, I have been studying the mimetic theory of René Girard for about a decade and would like to use this model to re-interpret classic and contemporary conflict situations (that are typically understood using realistic conflict theory).  The research and writing for this project will involve more qualitative than quantitative skills and has the possibility of culminating in a manuscript submitted for presentation at an academic conference within the next year.
RA Responsibilities and Duties:  Reading extensively about mimetic theory, researching scholarly articles in social psychology and beyond, using creativity and analytical skills to craft new ideas.
Requirements:  Passion for the subject matter, willingness to work toward a deep understanding of social theory as it pertains to interpersonal conflict, ability to meet regularly, completed course in Social Psychology.
Openings:  Fall, Spring, Summer
Contact:  kfrost@sjcny.edu

Lynn McGoey, Ph.D.
Project: Brain anatomy of developmental and aging disorders (i.e., autism, Alzheimer disease, & Down Syndrome.
RA Responsibilities and Duties: Gathering research articles,  analyzing brain tissue, and  analyzing data.
Requirements: 3.0 and above, 2-3 hours per week, flexible meetings, interest in physiological psychology.
Openings: Spring
Contact: lmcgoey@sjcny.edu

Diane Sherlip, Ph.D.
Difficult Dialogues Initiative
RA Responsibilities and Duties:This study is being conducted to get a better understanding of how we are doing, and what our needs may be, with regard to having potentially difficult dialogues in the classroomStudents and faculty will share their about perceptions and experiences with regard to classroom discussions involving controversial/sensitive topics. Information will be obtained through online surveys and follow-up 1:1 interviews.
Openings: Spring 2014, Summer 2014
Requirements: Reliable, hard-working, and motivated students who have completed (or currently enrolled in) Psy 391 and Psy315. Minimum GPA of 3.0.
Responsibilities and Duties: Assist with analyzing/organizing data, gather research articles. Flexible meeting schedule.
Contact: dsherlip.sjcny.edu

Teresa Tannazzo, Ph.D.
Project: Visual perception.
RA Responsibilities and Duties: Gathering research articles, run studies, and help with data analysis.
Requirements: 3.0 and above, 2-3 hours per week, flexible meetings, students who are motivated and interested in learning about perception
Openings: Fall and Spring
Contact: ttannazzo@sjcny.edu

Dominique Treboux, Ph.D.
Project:  Attachment and Spirituality.  I am interested in the role of attachment (e.g., experiences with parents and significant others) and spirituality (e.g., religious and non-religious spirituality) on the development of empathy and compassion.
Duties:  Varied, including conducting interviews, administering questionnaires, data management and library research.
Requirements:  Conscientious, dedicated,  able to work independently and with others, 3 to 6 hours a week including attending weekly meeting.  Students with seniority in the lab have the option of conducting independent research under PSY 465.  Must have an interest in subject matter.  Please set up a meeting  with me (via email or during office hours) to discuss your involvement in the lab.
Openings:  Fall and Spring
Contact: dtreboux@sjcny.edu


Christopher Frost, Ph.D.
Interdisciplinary perspectives within psychology,  psychology of/and religion, neuroscience and the humanities, religion and science. Would oversee students working in these topic areas, but not maintaining a formal research program.
Requirements: Motivated, independent students who are self-starters.
Contact: cfrost@sjcny.edu


Lisa Tafuro, Ph.D.
Project: In collaboration with the Center for Research on Culture, Development and Education at NYU my research project focuses on the cognitive and linguistic development of first generation immigrant families from Mexico, the Dominican Republic and China.  I am interested in the development of social cognition and early language in a cultural context.
RA Responsibilities and Duties: Student responsibilities include library research, recruitment, ethnographic data collection, data coding, and the use of behavioral software for analysis and reporting.
Requirements: Research interns will be required to commit 3 to 6 hours a week, including research meetings and fieldwork.  Students must be interested in participating in the current project, but also in developing their own ideas for poster, talk and paper submissions to the SJC Research Symposium and outside conferences. Please set up a meeting via email or office hours to discuss involvement in the research experience.
Openings: Fall, Spring, and/or Summer
Contact: ltafuro@sjcny.edu


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