Call for Paper and Abstracts

Deadline to submit: Monday, April 17, 5:00 pm EST, 2017

An abstract is a summary of a complete research project or paper.  An abstract should include a clear, concise statement of the problem, a clear explanation the method or approach, results and conclusions or implications.  The title and abstract should be written in such a way that educated individuals outside your discipline will understand its merit.

Submitted abstracts should be limited to no more than 250 words in length and should include a clear explanation of the project or presentation.

The committee realizes that some research projects may not be completed by the submission date. In these cases,  preliminary analyses will be accepted.  HOWEVER, research proposals will not be accepted.

Please check SAMPLE ABSTRACTS when preparing your submission.   We have provided several examples of clear, concise student abstracts for your review.


Each oral presentation is allotted 10 minutes, plus three minutes for questions.  Each room will be equipped with computers and projectors.  Oral presentations are best for projects that do not involve data collection (e.g., English papers, theoretical papers).

Each person will be allotted a 4′ wide by 3′ high wall space.   Tacks will be provided.  You will be expected to remain with your poster for the entire length of your session. Follow POSTER GUIDELINES when preparing your poster.  We have provided a PowerPoint Template for your use.  Posters are best suited for empirical projects, that is, projects that involved the collection and analyses of data.

Paper symposiums are centered on a particular theme.  Symposiums should include 3 to 5 papers and a moderator.  An abstract of the theme of symposium should be submitted including purpose of symposium, title of symposium, titles of all papers and the name of moderator. In addition, each paper within the symposium should submit its own abstract.  Individual paper submission should include title of the paper and title of symposium in the Title Box.

Exhibitions may include paintings, drawings, sculptures, textiles, prints, photographs, or mixed media works.  The participant will be prepared to discuss the media, processes, and concepts pertinent to his/her work.  Each display will be allotted 6 feet.  Both tabletop and easel displays are acceptable.  You will be expected to remain with your exhibition for the entire length of your session. Tables and easels are provided.  If special accommodations are required, please contact Dawn Lee at  Follow Art Exhibition guidelines when preparing your proposal.
All submissions are to be filed electronically at SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT. You may submit your proposal abstract prior to the deadline of April 8th.  You will be notified within 48 hours of your submission if your abstract has been accepted.  Each proposal will be reviewed by a committee comprised of SJC faculty. Should your proposal be rejected, you will be provided with feedback from the reviewers.

All proposals must be sponsored by a faculty supervisor.


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