Call for papers: Social Sciences

The 28th Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research is on SUNDAY, 23 OCTOBER 2016 at Fordham, 113 West 60 St., New York City. Undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in behavioral sciences (psychology, social work, urban studies, international studies, and related fields) are invited to submit papers for presentation.

Conference schedule: Welcome and Refreshments (12:30 – 1 pm), Scientific Panels /Symposia (1 – 4:30 pm), Awards Ceremony (4:30 – 5 pm), Gala reception (5 –7 pm).

Presentation proposals (300 word abstracts, or full papers) are due by 6 pmMonday, October 3, 2016 Submissions should be in MSWord, and include these details: Author name(s),affiliation(s), address/phone of key presenter, status (undergrad/ gradstudent/ faculty/professional), name of faculty mentor (if any).

Only full papers (not abstracts) are eligible for the 7 student research awards below. Direct any inquiries to Conference Chair Mica McKnight at, or 212-636-6393.


Seven awards for the best full paper (not abstract) by a student:

1- Scarpetta Award, for best undergraduate research
2- Toth Award, for best graduate student research
3- Guzewicz Award, for best cross-cultural / international research
4- Witmer Award, for best forensic research
5- Parker Award, for best neuropsychology research
6- Wexler Award, for best I-O psychology research
7- Hanson Award, for best behavioral research on social justice

** Conference theme: “Promoting human rights around the world.”

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