Students present at the Eastern Psychological Assocation

Agoglia , C.,  (Student), Carbajal, B.,(Student), Gelo, V.,  (Student), Lawrence, K., (Faculty: Sociology) & D. Treboux (Faculty: Psychology).  (March, 2014). Stress responses to Super Storm Sandy; Age, gender and distance.

Contanzo, V.,  (Student), Finger, A.(Student), Lawrence, K. (faculty: Sociology) & Treboux, D. (Faculty: Psychology). (March, 2014). Pro-social behaviors in response to Super Storm Sandy.

Leviness, J.  (Student), Peterkin, A.  (Student), & Treboux, D.  (Faculty: Psychology). (March, 2013). Reliability and validity of mobile heart rate applications.

Kelly, T. (Student). (March, 2014). Understanding  success: The relationship between grit and subjective well-being.

Laliberty, K, (Student). Franza, N, (Student), Treboux, D., (Faculty: Psychology) & Ginnetty, P. (Faculty:Psychology). (March, 2014). Three degrees of separation: Differences in emotional reactions between genders.

Ramdass, D. (Faculty: Psychology), McGoey, L., (Faculty: Psychology) Soeder, K., (Student), (March, 2014). Examining gender differences on final grade, homework, and self-regulatory behaviors.

McNamara, B. (Student). March, 2014). Romantic relationships of young adults with Down Syndrome: Parents’ Perspectives.

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