2015 Conference

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The SJC Undergraduate Research Symposium encourages and celebrates the contributions made by SJC undergraduates to scholarship and research. This year the conference is also accepting submissions from graduate students.

The Symposium offers students from all disciplines the opportunity to share their scholarly and creative accomplishments with the entire SJC community. The Symposium offers a forum for undergraduates, presenters and non-presenters alike, to meet with peer researchers and faculty to exchange ideas within and across disciplines.

Students are invited to present papers or posters of their research or exhibit creative endeavors. Projects may have been completed as part of a class project, independent study, honors project, research project or other analytical activity. All work needs to be sponsored by a supervising faculty member.

We ask that all presenters and non-presenting attendees register for the Conference in advance. Registration is conducted online using the Registration Link.

If you would like to volunteer to help on the day of the conference, please indicate on registration form. Your participation as a volunteer is an important service to the College. We welcome all!

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